Can’t Buy Me Love by Maggie Marr


Grade: C
passion rating: hot
Dear Ms. Marr—
I was wary about the plot of your short eBook, Can’t Buy Me Love. Meg Parson, executive assistant to gorgeous ruthless multi-millionaire CEO Cole Jackson, has longed for her employer since the day he hired her.  She has forced herself to ignore her feelings for him because 1) he’s a player and 2) sleeping with him could ruin her professional reputation. Cole’s had the hots for Meg for over a year now and, when the two have to head to Costa Rica together to close a business deal Cole’s jonesed for forever, he decides he’s ready to acquire both the new company and his sexy assistant.
I’m not wild about boning the boss tales. Yes, I know many women have indeed slept with their superiors and that, shockingly, many felt it helped them get promoted.  Still, such stories don’t call to me—when I read them I get distracted by a blinking neon sign in my brain: Bad Idea. Very Bad Idea.
But, I thought I’d give your book a whirl and see if you could recount that trope in a way that didn’t distress me. And, I have to say, you did. I was fine with the way Meg and Cole negotiated their professional relationship. I wasn’t crazy, however, about Meg or Cole nor did I especially enjoy their love story. The two went from colleagues ignoring their desire for each other to lovers so fast I almost got motion sickness. And, they act like such morons in the last chapters of the book—both suffer from excessive TSTL syndrome—I ended up not giving a damn whether they made up or not.
At the beginning of the book, the readers are introduced to Cole and Meg through the way the two view each other. Meg has been Cole’s assistant for three years, but has spent the past six months in an office down the hall, working on that BIG deal. Cole has missed seeing her and now that she’s in his office, he’s awash in lust.
Meg Parson’s voice was brighter and lighter than the curves of her body would suggest. She shifted her weight and her hip teased forward against her suit skirt. The outline of bone against taut fabric taunted Cole with hints of lace panties. In a careless moment his gaze roamed over her legs, caressed her skirt, and brushed over the outline of her breasts. Hunger for Meg clutched his belly and twisted hard.
Meg, too, can barely think about anything what a hunk her boss is.
Even with his tie pulled loose he appeared stunningly sexy….
Meg averted her eyes so as not to stare at Cole. Of course she was physically attracted to him. Every woman on the planet was physically attracted to Cole.
The deal Meg has been working on is suddenly at risk and there’s nothing for it but for Cole and Meg to take his private plane—“one of a handful of custom-made Boeings in the world”—fly down to Costa Rica, and woo the elderly couple who is balking at selling their company, TBC, to Comnet, Cole’s huge multimedia company.
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